Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Tips... GLUES
    When you buy it make sure it is fresh and that it has not been sitting on the shelf forever. Tip the bottle upside down, a bubble will form. If it take more then 10 seconds to rise, do not buy it.

   I put about 1/3 of the glue into another bottle . Recap the first bottle and do not clip the tip and  It will stay fresh longer. I do this will all of the glues I use. Except the glues that come in tubes.

   Get yourself some of those metal tips . Amazon has them sometimes. Buy several and when one becomes clogged remove it and drop it into a small bottle  of Acetone. Replace it with a clean tip. Put a  pin in the tip and store it upside down in a piece of Styrofoam  or a small glass.
It seems like it takes forever for the glue  to get to the tip if you forgot to store the bottle upside down. All you have to do is stand up and swing the bottle over your head 360 degrees , a few times..  This trick works with tube glues and ketchup bottles. Make sure the ketchup bottle  cap is secure. Its really hard cleaning ketchup off of the ceiling.

    Got your doll all dressed and you find unwanted glue spots..Test the  Acetone on a piece of scrap fabric.If it dose  not run, or disintegrate,  then put a dab on a Que tip and gently remove the unwanted glue.

 I love Zap a Gap and use it quite often when working with resin. However this glue can get ya. Be mindful you do not  glues your fingers together. Acetone will release your fingers or nail polish remover will also work.
  After constantly tipping over, dropping or losing my Zap a Gap I made a stand for it.As my assistant for today is pointing out.
   I have found that if I put some Tacky or Fabric Tac on whatever I am gluing and then a drop of Zap A Gap I get a more secure bond and I do not have to the hold the pieces together until the Zap A Gap sets up.
   In the picture you can see how I store my Fabric Tac upside down in Styrofoam. In front of that is a small jar of Tacky . On top of that is a small jar of Acetone with my metal tips.
     If anyone has a glue tips please email them to me, and  I will add them to my blog. I am always looking for new ideas and tips
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  1. I never thought about transferring some of the glue to smaller bottles WITHOUT snipping the cap! That makes SOOOO much sense! I love the little metal tips too!