Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Beauty Shop

In the background of the above two pictures you can see where these dolls were created. I owned and operated a beauty shop. I always wanted to keep busy doing something creative. So in my down time I started to make a whole bunch of these fun character. I didn`t need a studio like I have today. My studio today is overflowing with every sculpting tool made by man, pressure pots, vacuum chambers, materials, laces and on and on. If you create you get the picture. All I needed for my baby steps into the wonderful world of dollmaking was a needle and thread. Fiberfill, nylon stocking and a strong desire to create.
As it worked out my customers absolutely loved these little guys. I could not make them fast enough. They sold immediately. My weekly customers looked forward to seeing new dolls and were disappointed if there were none. After a while I decided not to sell them any more. I put shelves up around the shop and the collection grow and grow until there were fifty or more of these dolls. There were joggers ,farmers, nurses, nuns , priest. and of course many witches.You name it I probably made it.

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