Saturday, June 20, 2009

My First Doll

I thought I would give you a giggle or two. Here is my very first attempt at doll making. She was made in 1980 as a gift to my mother. Mom always liked me to make things for her instead of buying gifts. At the time kitchen witches that you hung over your sink for luck were popular.
Mom took one look at her and said "she is so ugly can`t you make her pretty". My mother was not being unkind she just always liked pretty dolls. I personally loved this little doll!! Little did I know at the tome she would be the beginning of my doll making journey.
She is a soft needle sculptured doll made from nylon stockings and stuffed with fiber fill. She sits 10 inches tall on her broom.


  1. what a wonderful way to start your doll making journey! Give me character any day over pretty! She is fantastic Nancy!

  2. Hi, I have put an award on my blog site for your lovely blog page. I love the doll too she's lovely and beautiful in her own special way :-D