Sunday, June 21, 2009

Me And ET

Here is a picture of me and ET. I always hated having my picture taken. But 27 years later. I kinda like this one now. I only have one chin!!!! How great is that.


  1. Good to see you and ET :) glad your a blogger now too !
    Will check back and visit ya!
    Have a great summer !

  2. Hi Nancy ! Do you remember me ? We did together Idats online show ( first online sales show for dolls ), many many years ago ....time flies by much too fast. But great to hear/read from you !!! If you need any help with blogging, let me know .
    I loooove your ET and I still love your kind of humor which is shown in your dolls. I just came along some of your Ghosties ! I send you faery best wishes !! Yours Silke