Friday, June 5, 2009

Hi and The Strubridge Show

Hi all, You would think I have nothing else to do but to start a blog four hours before I am going to leave for a doll show. But here I am getting side tracked as usual. When I return I will have a report on the show.
My class featuring the Bad Tempered Witch has filled up nicely. We have a comfortable eight out of ten seats filled in the class.
This post will be short. I need to finish packing for the show . Wish my luck.


  1. Good luck!!!
    And congratulations on your blog, I'm so happy you made one.
    Again, good luck with your class. Not that you need it, you'll do great!

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere!

    Yes, blogs are great displacement activity and just the thing when you (don't)need a bit of side-tracking.

    Story of my life!

    Look forward to reading your show report :-)

  3. Good luck at the show.

    I am very keen to see what will be on here :-)


  4. Nancy I love your work. This blogsite is nice. I think to be a crafter we have to have mastered the skill of distraction. Non crafters just seem to lack the needed gene to perfect the skill. Tina
    I don't have a URL